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About St Catherine’s House of Hospitality.

St Catherine’s House of Hospitality is a conference and retreat centre run by the Sisters of Mercy under the auspices of McAuley Ministries Limited. 

The centre invites peaceful and prayerful reflection, restful recreation, outdoor garden and walking space and much more.


It is supported by volunteers and overseen by

Sr Elizabeth Nicholls RSM who is a Mercy Sister and the current manager. 


We welcome individuals and groups to our centre.

St Catherine’s is designed in a simple setting that encourages respect for all that is.



St Catherine’s was built originally in 1966 as a Convent for the sisters who worked in the community through the local parish and school. From 1992 St Catherine’s became a House of Hospitality as the sisters moved into smaller accommodation. Two sisters remained at the House, Sr Mary Berry RSM and Sr Teresa Daley RSM, offering support to the surrounding community with retreats, workshops, prayer groups, counselling and sometimes accommodation if needed.


St Catherine’s follows the example and teaching of (Venerable) Catherine McAuley.

St Catherine's Hospitality

“In collating Catherine’s sayings, according to theme, it was a surprise to find that ‘hospitality’ was not directly referred to by Catherine, and that it was lived by her in such an all-pervasive way as to become almost elusive. Catherine wore hospitality as a garment – it became a part of her until it grew and grew to encompass and embrace all who needed shelter and warmth; dignity and independence; comfort and care; compassion and courage. … She had an open heart, an open mind and an open home.” 

Sr Bonaventure Brennan, rsm “According to Catherine” 2003

"There is nothing of greater importance than the perfect discharge of our ordinary duties"
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